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Water situation:  

On Wednesday May 17th, the city of Airway Heights deemed their water was not drinkable because of a contamination at Fairchild Air Force Base (http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2017/may/16/airway-heights-residents-warned-not-to-drink-tap-w/).  
The Spokane Polo Club, the venue for our tournament,  is located in Airway Heights.  This water situation should not effect the tournament because all drinking water there is bottled water.  In addition, there is also no water hookups available for our RV Campground, so this should also not be an issue. If you are, however, staying in a hotel in Airway Heights, this issue could effect your stay.  We are sure that each of the hotels in Airway Heights are making provisions to provide bottled water to their guests, however if you have concerns, please contact your hotel directly.  Please note that the water in Airway Heights has been deemed safe for bathing, washing clothes, etc.., just not drinking or cooking.





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